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Being young in Colorado is stressful, but change is coming
This month we highlight the neighbors and organizations working to support youth in crisis and a tool for parents and young people themselves.
Happiness isn’t everything, connection is
Vol. 3, Issue 2 – March 2024 This is Renata, publisher of Moodfuel. Welcome back to your safe space for mental health in Colorado. This newsletter highlights the importance of community connections for those with mental wellness challenges. So, we’re including a couple of firsts: the 1st article in an original
🌟 We’re back! 🌟
We’re back on this auspicious Leap Day and last day of Black History Month after almost a year.
Pausing to practice self-compassion
I have experienced another death in my family that has impacted me deeply. Therefore, I’m pausing operations for Moodfuel News until at least the end of April to practice self-compassion. Thank you for your patience. If you have suggestions for articles or mental health topics in Colorado that you’d like
A Black woman’s anxiety, 3 questions for therapy, mental illness in our legal system, a coping strategy and employers boosting men’s mental health
Volume 2, Issue 3 – Feb. 21 What it’s like being a Black woman with anxiety Journalist Williesha Morris describes her “triple-paned glass ceiling” of being a Black woman with mental illness through relatable, earnest and insightful language. Her goal is to conquer fear so other Black women, genderqueer, Trans
Controversial legislation, struggling students, active elders, gender affirmations, housing insecurity and Prince Harry
mental health news in Colorado on Feb 7
A note from Renata
An update on my progress after launching Moodfuel News: I’m celebrating the small wins while working toward larger ones Since my January hiatus ends today, I wanted to bring you up to date. The short version: I launched Moodfuel News in October 2022 and have been building slowly in the
Controversial legislation, struggling students, active elders, gender affirmations, housing insecurity and Prince Harry
mental health news in Colorado on Feb 7
Moodfuel News programming for 2023
I’m excited about this Fellowship because the program will offer two Indigenous college students studying journalism in Colorado the opportunity to learn about the niche of mental health journalism. Over three months, they’ll acquire specialized knowledge and skills and expand their networks to pursue their dreams of becoming professional journalists!
Mental health 2022 year in review
Colorado and the nation have experienced highs and lows, challenges and hope during 2022
Mental health news for December 20, 2022
Don’t let seasonal depression damage your holidays, follow this plan By Renata Hill, Moodfuel News The cold, dark months can have a profoundly negative affect on us, but simple techniques can help As we move into winter with shorter daylight hours and falling temperatures, does a cloud follow you around?
Mental health news for December 13, 2022
How restorative justice supports the mental health of crime survivors By Haley Elaine Strom, Moodfuel News Restorative justice programs can create healing and accountability, two essential ingredients for survivor mental health AURORA – In the winter of 1995, three-year-old Casson Xavier Evans was shot and killed by teenagers in a gang-related
Mental health news for December 6, 2022
Donate Minimizing the struggle for our LGBTQIA2S+ community during the holidays by Renata Hill, Moodfuel News It’s that time of year again, what strategies are you putting in place now to survive the holidays when visiting family? Although winter festivities are meant to bring friends, family and colleagues together, they
Mental health news for November 29
Donate News Are you familiar with Colorado’s new Office of Civil and Forensic Mental Health? By Renata Hill, Moodfuel News Office of Behavioral Health has transitioned to a new name and expanded mission The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) has renamed the former Office of Behavioral Health to the
Mental health news for November 15, 2022
Do you have friends or neighbors who value mental health? Encourage them to subscribe to Moodfuel News for updates on Thrivers, Changemakers and Supportive Programs around Colorado. Subscribe News CSU one of first schools in nation to add mental health experts to campus police department By Dillon Thomas, CBS Colorado
Mental health news for November 8, 2022
Do you have friends or neighbors who value mental health? Encourage them to subscribe to Moodfuel News for updates on thrivers, changemakers and supportive programs around Colorado. Subscribe Colorado Statehouse: Bipartisan Support for Increased Mental Healthcare By Jason Salzman, Colorado Times Recorder Legislators and candidates alike have promised to make
Mental health news for November 1, 2022
Book Review: The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health By Renata Hill, Moodfuel News This comprehensive roadmap written with unconditional transparency guides Black people in receiving culturally appropriate mental healthcare in an unequal system Being a Black person in the U.S. is bad for your health. Researchers, like David
Mental health news for October 25, 2022
What I wish I had known before I stopped taking antidepressants, and before I started By Brooke Siem, Washington Examiner In this essay, Brooke Siem discusses her lived experience with physician nonchalance in prescribing psychiatric medications My contact with the world of psychiatric medication began in 2001 when I was
Mental health news for October 18, 2022
The math of mindfulness subtracts from stress and depression By Renata Hill Western culture ingrains a math formula into us from a young age: Make More Money to Buy Big to become Happy Humans: This psychic math assaults us continually from almost everywhere – on our screens, within our cars or
Mental health news for October 11, 2022
Vol. 1, Issue 2 Colorado is suffocating from stigmas. Fortunately, multiple initiatives exist to educate the public and support those with lived experience. Smashing Mental Health Stigma in Colorado Means Teaching Helpful MessagesCities, counties and the state have acknowledged that Coloradans have been stigmatized – some to death – regarding their behavioral
Moodfuel is live
Vol. 1, Issue 1 Where Can Black Men Receive Mental Health Support? At Their Local Barbershop by Renata Hill COLORADO SPRINGS – The crisp, rainy day did not deter the 25 or so people hurrying inside Midtown Barbershop, but only a few wanted haircuts. It was September 10th, National Suicide Prevention
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